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Prepare for the Big Switch Off

In 2017, BT announced they would be beginning the process of turning off all PSTN lines, with the deadline of a complete UK End of Life to occur in a few years’ time. There are no two ways about it – your copper phone system will go off. So, by this time, you must have a VoIP system or you will no longer be able to take or make calls.

Busy as you may be, don’t be tempted to wait. If you purchase a business phone system now before the panic buying begins then you’re incredibly likely to snap up a bargain, rather than overspend when they’re high in demand. For instance, our own VoIP phone system is currently available for just the cost of your morning coffee!

The installation process is also currently exceptionally quick, whereas the upcoming years could potentially see your business waiting for equipment or a technician; meaning you could face a company phoneline blackout between the PSTN switch off and your installation date.

Perhaps the most concerning of all, it’s not impossible that your PSTN service provider could trap you in a contract surpassing the End of Life, continuing to charge you for a phoneline you can’t even use! Here at Logic, we won’t let that happen.

BT are continuously rolling out FTTP (fibre broadband connected directly to your home) to more areas across the UK. When FTTP is available to 75% of that area, no one there will be able to purchase traditional phonelines; everyone – business or consumer – will need to switch to VoIP for new orders. By just April this year, Openreach are planning to add 297 areas to “Stop Sell” of PSTN. Take a look at the map of “Stop Sell” areas below 

Daunting as this may be, there are actually a variety of benefits to VoIP based phones. As IP phone systems run directly through your broadband, you’ll no longer have to worry about costly phone bills. VoIP systems generally allow you to take, make and transfer calls from anywhere – even abroad! You can easily set opening hours and personalised messages, eliminating customer frustration of a constantly ringing phone. Better still, some VoIPs even let you keep your existing company phone number, plus the benefit of virtual phone numbers to avoid your customer being charged for their call.

Logi-Flow is Logic Communication’s own official VoIP system. Simple, concise and ideal for businesses of all sizes, our expert phone system is available for as little as the cost of a coffee per user!

Get in touch with Logic today to find out more and get VoIP now. 

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Information correct as of the 11th April 2023. Any updates by BT are out of Logic’s control and we are not responsible for changes in dates or information.