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A Success Story: Appleby Creamery

Appleby Creamery Case Study


Appleby Creamery is a collective of seasoned artisan cheese producers, farmers and entrepreneurs dedicated to crafting premium dairy products. Established in 2008 by a small team of four, they initially produced cheese on a limited scale for local distribution. As demand grew, so did their ambitions. By 2017, they had outgrown their modest factory and relocated to a larger warehouse, tripling their production capacity. In 2022, they expanded further, introducing a new line of Mediterranean-style cheeses.

“We now deliver all over the country and have managed to win a few cheese awards along the way!!” – Fay Walton, Office Manager at Appleby Creamery

With their growth in size and success, the need for dependable, future-proof technology became evident.


Appleby Creamery’s customer interaction evolved significantly over the years. Starting with a single phone and an answering machine, then transitioning to a multi-channel approach encompassing phones, mobiles, emails and online ordering systems. However, their outdated phone system hindered efficiency, with missed calls and limited internal communication.

“It was hard work because the external line rang the same as the internal line, and we only had 3 phones that worked in the system” – Sam Henderson, Dispatch Manager at Appleby Creamery

“It just wasn’t really a user-friendly system for us which made it quite difficult when trying to communicate with suppliers or customers.” – Fay

To enhance their business, the team were in search of a straight-forward, reliable phone system that would bring their customer service and in-house communication up to the same level of excellence as their products.


Choosing Logic Communications was a natural choice for the team. Already benefiting from our services for internet and Office 365, Appleby Creamery sought integration across their whole technology stack. With Janet Freeman’s guidance, they tailored a Logi-Flow VoIP phone system to suit their unique needs. 

“They did a demo session with us all so we’d know how to use everything and it was really simple actually.” 

“The support from you guys was great – always on the ball to try get things fixed as soon as possible” 


The implementation of Logi-Flow has revolutionised Appleby Creamery’s communication. With Yealink T43 handsets and the Logi-Flow softphone app, they can effortlessly manage calls, route them to appropriate departments, and handle enquiries from anywhere.  

Logi-Flow has made “a big difference,” confirmed Sam. “It’s a lot easier to get a hold of people without running around the factory.” 

“We’re not missing calls. It’s easy for people to answer messages. We’ve got a better system where we can transfer within each department. So, it’s just made things a lot smoother… a lot less complicated.” 

The desktop and mobile apps provide flexibility, ensuring the Appleby Creamery team never miss a message or call. This streamlined approach has enhanced customer and supplier relations, allowing them to focus on their core business. 

Appleby Creamery prides themselves on delivering exceptional products and service. With Logic by their side, they are equipped to navigate any technological challenges, ensuring their continued success. 


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