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A Success Story: G&S Penrith

G&S Case Study


Founded in 1981, G&S Penrith are a wholesaler of industrial cleaning equipment, spares and accessories. Within the past 4 decades, their team grew from a humble duo to a mighty, close-knit group of 15, jumping from an initial turnover of approximately £100 thousand to a phenomenal £6.5 million, and continuously growing in success.

From their busy headquarters in Eden Business Park, Penrith, G&S currently holds over 12,000 product lines and can efficiently despatch 99% of all orders placed the same day, earning them the fitting reputation of one of the industries’ leading suppliers in the UK.


G&S previously had a phone system installed which was incapable of delivering the necessary functions required to effectively run their business.

“We had a phone system that wasn’t fit for purpose. We got promised certain things that it could do and, once it was installed, we could never get it to do what we wanted it to do, and it just wasn’t very user friendly.” – Andy Jones, General Manager at G&S Penrith

The team were on the lookout for an easy-to-navigate phone system which could perform everything from basic call transferring to more complex CRM capabilities, with the added bonus of being accessed abroad for international business. G&S’s sales team often travel out of the country for business needs, and being able to stay connected with the company’s cloud PBX is essential for staying within reach of staff and clients.


Following the already positive working relationship between Logic Business Systems and G&S Penrith, Logic’s Managing Director, John, reached out to Andy regarding our Logi-Flow VoIP system. After an in-person demo of the Logi-Flow phone system and a thorough site survey of G&S’s headquarters by Logic’s Sales Manager, Janet, we were able to put together a competitive quote for full installation and support.

“It was John that introduced it… We came up to the offices for a demo with Janet and from there we put the order in.”

Logi-Flow ticked all the boxed for the G&S workforce, coming out on top for price, capabilities and convenience. Andy affirmed “it fit the criteria that we wanted” and also felt the technical support from our Logic Technical team was a huge advantage.

The installation process was held back “because of a delay at Daisy, [G&S’s] old provider” but, once that hurdle was overcome, our Logic team were able to jump to action. Senior IT Support Technician, Thomas, and IT Support Technician, Kieran, carried out the installation efficiently and with little disruption to business.

When asked how he felt the buying and installation process went, Andy responded, “Communication-wise? Brilliant. And obviously the team know what they’re on about. The installation was pretty seamless actually.”


With the help of our Logi-Flow cloud-based phone business, G&S Penrith can continue delivering that same fantastic customer service synonymous with their brand, as well as communicate quickly and effectively between departments – whether on the other side of the building or across an entire ocean!

After just a few weeks of enjoying our Logi-Flow business phone application, G&S are “already seeing the benefits,” Andy claimed. “Even just the software – it’s nice and easy. Being able to use it on the road is invaluable… It’s more like a CRM system than it is just a phone system. And that surprised us more than anything.”

As with any new product install, sometimes questions can arise and require fast support. Any hitches or queries are dealt with quickly by our Technical team.

“When we ask for things to be done, it’s almost immediate. Level of service is fantastic.”

When asked about the simplicity of the softphone app, Andy told us, “It’s so easy to use. Searching for customers – we’ve got 800 contacts on there. Really nice and easy. Our email addresses are on there. I can be out the office and I don’t need to worry about logging in remotely; it’s all on my phone. It’s brilliant. Even if we have power cuts, we know we can transfer it straight to a mobile.”

“It’s just the ease of it to use. It’s very logical.”


Find out more about G&S Penrith at https://www.gspen.co.uk/