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A Success Story: Windermere Golf Club

Windermere Golf Club Case Study


Windermere Golf Club is a picturesque golfing destination nestled in the heart of the Lake District, voted the best Course in South Cumbria and the best within 30 miles. Their 18-hole course is set against an idyllic backdrop of rolling hills and lakes, making it an extremely popular location for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Martin Fishwick, PGA Club Manager, joined Windermere Golf Club 6 years ago and experienced first-hand the exponential growth of the business.

“We’ve got 550 members and we do 25,000 rounds of golf a year… It’s a busy place!”

“We’ve come a long way. Nearly doubled turnover since I started.”


As well as their current phone contract coming to an end, the club were keen to future-proof their business in advance of the “Big Switch Off” of copper PSTN lines.

“We wanted to upgrade to an internet-based phone system. Things are changing… [BT are] stopping all the lines,” Martin stated, “We wanted to upgrade to fit in line with that but we also wanted a system that’d be more capable for what we do”

The club were relying on a digital phone system which would ring through to all departments, regardless of call relevance. This would result in team members losing time and resources finding answers to queries which weren’t their expertise, and frustrate customers by often sending them through to the wrong person for their needs.

“It wasn’t controlled really. It was a basic phone system… It didn’t really do what we wanted it to for the staff or the customers”


After deciding to upgrade their system, Martin received quotes for a cloud-based phone system from 3 companies, including Logic. Business Development Executive, Janet, carried out an in-depth site survey of the club’s physical infrastructure, as well as established exactly what their expectations were and what they required for both staff and customers.

“We’d got in touch with a few people… But it was Janet who persuaded us to come to you guys… The others – they had quotes but there wasn’t much behind them. There wasn’t any thorough checking of anything.”

Senior IT Support Technician, Alan, was then able to install the club’s brand-new Logi-Flow phone system, complete with call holding, call analytics, mobile app and much more. The VoIP system was connected through B4rn: a broadband supplier specifically catering towards rural homes and organisations, with speeds of up to 10Gbps.


Windermere Golf Club are now able to experience all the features of a reliable, cloud-base phone system to suit their busy organisation and ever-growing club members, with the added benefit of handy call analytics to keep track of busy periods and help schedule lunch breaks.

“You can see who’s calling you and greet them by name, how many calls you’ve got, how many calls you’ve answered, what percentage are answered and what times they’re coming in”

With calls going through to the relevant departments instead of ringing between all company phones, customers are able to be served more efficiently and effectively, while higher quality handsets ensure “the sound quality is a lot better. Less background noise and it’s definitely a lot clearer.”

By installing our Logi-Flow phone system, WGC have future-proofed their organisation in advance of the “Big Switch Off” and enhanced their company image.

“First class service as always from Janet in sales. Very easy process in ordering and installing a new cost saving phone system.”

Find out more about Windermere Golf Club at https://www.windermeregolfclub.co.uk/