Dependable Business Wi-Fi, broadband & More

Looking for speedy business wi-fi, broadband or other connectivity in Carlisle, Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway?

Improve your organisation’s connectivity infrastructure with super fast business wi-fi and broadband, structured data cabling, internet leased lines and a reliable MPLS network. Our multi-award-winning, local IT Technicians will install your new connectivity products, and remain just a call or email away for any issues you may face.

Leased Lines

Get your own dedicated leased line without sharing your bandwidth with anyone else. Experience exceptional speeds with ultra-low latency, pick the upload and download speeds you need, and run bandwidth-hungry business applications like Office 365. Keep your leased line cost low while still ensuring your private circuit is quick and reliable.

BT are rolling out full fibre to the whole of the UK in advance of the Big Switch Off. Make the most of this ultra fast connection with powerful broadband and wi-fi.


Increase your employee efficiency with secure, office-based business wi-fi or increase customer satisfaction with the ideal guest wi-fi routers and hotspots for your establishment, supplied by award-winning, ever-reliable providers such as Zen. Discover secure, low-cost internet services for business without sacrificing your wi-fi speed.


Looking for the best broadband provider for your business? Our broadband services are sure to improve the performance, speed, value and service of your company. With fibre to the premises (FTTP) – the most effective business broadband – and SoGEA, you can enjoy significantly higher upload and download speeds compared with traditional ADSL and FTTC lines. Experience ultra fast business fibre broadband, with fast connection and low costs, from one of the leading telecommunications and broadband companies in Cumbria.


Through a powerful MPLS network, eliminate the worry of connection disruptions and need for multiple firewalls. Looped between nodes and connected to the network via one single path, when one node loses connection, the MPLS simply diverts it to another in the circuit.

Data Cabling

Data cable installation for your business will allow you to choose specific sockets, devices and services to link to one another though a patch panel and cables, giving you the freedom to rearrange office layouts without the worry of trailing cables to their original sockets. Improve your business set up with structured cabling services and choose your own best access points for your company devices.

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